Good news! Bye-bye old house

In case you missed me cartwheeling around Twitter and Facebook earlier today, we've finally sold our house. Lest I lose my status as a supreme procrastinator, we close on the new house on Tuesday, so yes, we managed to sell our house with 2 days to spare. I know technically our close is way off, but it's just different buying the next house and having no pending sale on this one. They tried to shave some off the price after inspection (um hello that's why we dropped the price) so it was by no means a done deal

Just to recap:

At the end of March our 1.5 year search for a new home came to an end here:

At which point we realized we were in no way ready to sell our current home:

So we did the logical thing and bought 100 rubbermaid containers:

Then rented a big-ass storage container to stash them in:

We proceeded to cram it full of our really, really important junk:

Once we had the room we forced V into child labour:


And used a bit of improvisation to get the house ready for market in two weeks:

Just over a month of viewings sent us on adventures:

Did I mention this was the wettest May EVER?:

So a lot of our time was spent in or near water:


But I'm fairly our van will smell like wet dog forever (good thing he's cute):
Wet dog

Luckily we avoided this when some pretty big winds blew though:
Sucks. Not my house

Some unlucky relatives may have gotten their fill of us (and our wet, smelly dog):
Can we go now?

After hours and hours with bankers and lawyers (I have no pics, because really who wants to see that?) we've finally done it!:

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some boxes to pack and movers to call.

Well then.

It appears I've been neglecting LJ. Turns out I have a pretty good reason. (No not *that* reason - that would be FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC and the post would include sparklers and cartwheels)

But. After searching since October'09 we have finally bought a house! Well, I guess technically we have a completed agreement to purchase, the sale will be final May 31st. But that's a hell of a boring way to say it, so I'll go back to 'we've bought a house!'

Much to my husband's dismay it does not have a pool, but he's already plotting, (I can tell). The seller's pictures don't do it justice, but I think it would be a bit creepy to head over there and start snapping pics from the road so they'll have to do:


My next heart attack is getting this house ready to sell. Do you have any idea how much crap will accumulate in a house when you stay in it for 14 years? And have a kid? And hope to have another? I need a house to store my stuff before I can move it into my new house. I cannot wait to see the agent's reaction on Sunday.

Interesting fact: Half of my wool/fabric stash has filled 30 rubbermaid bins.

Possibly related: I am so sick of decluttering that I'm working on a time machine.

Every single moment

I woke up early Sunday morning to the pitter-patter of little feet followed by a plea to be helped into bed. I pulled her up and she quickly snuggled in, giggling and nuzzling, sticking her cold feet on me to warm them up. I listened while her breathing slowed, taking in her tiny peaceful face and her sweet blonde curls. I kissed her and drifted, and before I knew it I was back in a familiar space - my desire for another child, the ache, the emptiness. Much like my life, my mental state, I was in limbo. I wasn't really dreaming or day dreaming, and not awake, but somewhere in between. Where ever it was, it had me absorbed, lost. Then slowly became aware that the dozing little girl beside me was now giggling like mad, involved in a tickle fight with her father. And I was missing it.

That feeling has stuck with me this entire Family Day. I'm not sure this is the first time this has happened, the first missed moment with V, but it's certainly the first time I've noticed. Talk about a wake up call. It stole 10 years of my life, I'm not going to allow infertility to steal my time with the little girl we fought so hard for. I will not allow my conflicted state to consume me. We will be making some decisions, reaching closure. It won't be easy, but then, neither is this. And she deserves better.

If my heart wasn't black before this...

In the good news column, I've crafted, and I'm using my long-neglected craft supplies up.

Somewhere in the last couple of weeks I decided that I really didn't want Dora or Cars all over V's valentines. Not that I'm particularly against either, I just *hate* that everything you try to buy for your kid has some other product smeared all over it. I've also just realized that it's a bit crazy since she's giving the damn things away.

So I started cutting, but we couldn't have single layer cards, so that's technically 44 cutouts:

Then, I decided those edges needed fancifying:

And because I love doing the same thing 22 times over, I thought the bottom card needed sprucing up. This was also a chance for V to help, she loves stamping:

A sane person would just smack a bit of tape or glue on the damn things and be done. I'm not sane (effing grommets will be the death of me):


Yes that is a gabillion little hearts on those ornaments and of course they needed to be drawn on. The three-year olds would have complained otherwise:

Now I'm freaking out because I haven't done any for the teachers.

(Shortly before I finished these hubby and V returned from swimming. On the way home he stopped at the drug store and picked up some Dora valentines *sigh*)

pps - oh look, I've got a spot on my lens. Joy.

Do microwaves kill penicillin?

As I was taking my lunch out of the fridge for reheating (yes I'm 15 minutes early, so what?) I came to the realization that I had no idea when I'd prepared the meal that these leftovers were from. Usually this isn't a problem because my leftovers generally go directly to freezer then I just treat them like a LeanCuisine. This one however came directly from the fridge and while I remember preparing it, I DON'T KNOW WHEN IT WAS.

I've quickly assessed all outcomes:

1 - I made it yesterday and it's fine: I survive eating it, but should get the ole memory checked out sooner rather than - what was I saying?

2 - There was no telltale surface mold but something icky lurked beneath: Forecasting a great weigh-in. Yay Biggest Loser Work Edition

3 - It was full of penicillin: Great! I have a sinus infection and was not looking forward to waiting at the doctor's office.

4 - Microwaving penicillin in the Tupperware Rock'n'Serve did bad things: Woohoo superpowers! Big question now is do I use them for good or evil?

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Goodbye 2010, you bitch.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Sure, you started off all full of hope and promise and cheer. In January there was my brother’s wedding in Jamaica (lovingly timed to coincide with my 40th birthday. I highly recommend pirate parties on the beach when one turns 40).

And then spring brought the excitement of IVF, the hope, the dreams, the positive pregnancy test…then the bitchslap of the miscarriage that wouldn’t end.

In May you killed my cat. Oh, and you decided that I no longer needed to hear from my mother and V didn’t need to have her grandmother in her life.

I think you got bored in June, you brought an ‘end’ to the miscarriage that wouldn’t end. You were toying with me again in July, it started off well, I attended BOLO and met some amazing Ottawa tweeps and bloggers, and for that I’m so very thankful. I love the community and the people I’ve chatted with and met this year. But then you ended the month with lung infections for the whole family, skank.

August you turned up the douche-baggery and decided that miscarriage that won’t end redux was in order. Thanks for the effed up hormones and the D&C.

September and October you decided that my work life needed to get in on the action, so I spent my time prepping for a Threat and Risk Assessment. Oh, and then, you whore, you decided that my dog needed to die too. October can kiss my ass.

November you were quiet. I think maybe all the mustaches had you distracted. December? Well, my cutie-pie turned 3, depression nearly crushed me, Christmas sucked ass, oh and to top it off? My mother decided that was the night to call me and tell me she wanted my shit out of her house. Just mine. Not my brother’s or sister’s, but my sewing machine and wedding dress are clearly fucking up her feng shui. Thanks for ending the estrangement. I survived what should have been my due date, and now I just want to shut the door on this whole damn debacle of a year. But thanks for the parting sinus infection, it was just the icing on the cake.

I can’t do much about you now 2010, but 2011 consider yourself warned, I’m gonna kick your ass.

So I have a question

Reading this article about the weather in Sarnia. Puzzled by state of emergency math:

If there are 360 vehicles stuck, why are only 300 people stranded? Where did the (at least) other 60 go? And if they could get there, why didn't the other 300 go too?

I'm sensing a conspiracy. Or a cover-up. Is it aliens? Did zombies cause the storm?


Two nights ago I fell asleep as the mother of a two year old:

And I yesterday I woke up as the mother of a three year old:

I love watching you grow up, sometimes I see more of me in you:

Sometimes I see more of your dad:

You seem ready to grasp social media:

And cool gadgets I could never have dreamed of as a kid:
Day one and already on the phone

But technology still gets the best of you on occasion (you get that from me):

I often wonder what you'll be when you grow up. Will you embrace your artistic side?

Or your more mechanical tendencies:
Saunder's Farm

Maybe you'll be an athlete:

Or a chef:
Lil Cook

Whatever you do my sweetness, I hope you soar:

And know that I love you from the curls on your head:

To the tips of your toes: