neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I have, in my hot little hands, the Mortgage Statement for Discharge Purposes for our house!!! That's right, bu-bye mortgage.

Our mortgage matures tomorrow, with a teeny little bit left on it. We have not received a single call from our bank over the past month asking us to renew. So today, I called up my hubby's bank, and asked them to set up a draft on our LOC. So, we really still have a bit to pay, and a fraction of our house is still owned by a bank, but no mortgage! YAY. We can pay it off as fast or as slow as we want, we just have to remember to save my own property taxes now (they were included in my mortgage payments). We're no longer locked into the insane payment schedule we set up to get rid of the mortgage. The rate is at prime, so lower than all the mortgages out there, and we can convert it to a mortgage and lock in if rates start to rise *g*

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