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Trying to get some work done, but can't concentrate. The PM's just been on the air addressing the peeps asking for a bit more time before calling the election. Has pledged to call election as soon as the G inquiry reports. I don't know which I will hate worse, a campaign now (well in June - hell time for me at work) or in Jan/Feb after the report - ugg - campaigning in the dead of winter.

Would love to listen to commentary on it, but all I've got here is the conservative station and their bunch of wing-nuts calling in (don't get me wrong those are two separate categories, have heard some pretty wingy Libs too) It just seems that the nuts call the radio.

Started listening to the TV address at the father-in-law's but couldn't hear the opposition rebuttals over hubby and dad of hubby so had to retreat to car to listen to the rest.

Arg. Must concentrate on work!

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