neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Whew. What a day! and I'm soo damn lazy

I wrote my final planetary astronomy today - no school until January now! I was so happy to be done with school for now that I forgot to pick up my Canadian Studies assignment and I also forgot to return my library books - ah well, that's what tomorrow is for.

Too bad the moon is so bright and it's soo damn cold out or I might have gone out to try and catch some of the Geminid meteor shower tonight.

I managed to finish my shawl and get it blocked tonight.

Here it is before blocking:

And here it is all stretched out on the bed - turns out that after washing it is pretty close to 7' wide!

I was so happy to have a finished object I forgot to weave in the ends before washing it *g*. Now I've just got to get on that Christmas knitting!

I had so much planned for tonight, and instead I just vegged. I'm having my Christmas open house on Friday, and so far 25 people are coming (and at least 3 babies!). I don't yet have any decorations up, no menu planned and no shopping done! ARRG. But now that school is done, I can go into full-on holiday mode. Hubby started it off last night with some eggnog - I looooove eggnog and it turns out the pets do too *g*

Knit, shop, decorate - oh and get some tax info to the accountant - no problem!
Tags: knitting, school

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