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What is it with friends cuts

and all the associated turmoil? 'Comment by this time if you want to stay on' 'Let me know if you really like me' 'if I made a mistake let me know'

Gee, how to make a girl feel special.

Listen, if you don't know whether I want to stay on your list or not, if you don't know whether you want to keep reading my journal or not, then take me off your damn list. And if I miss your damn deadline and I get removed, I'm not commenting to be added back. You made your cut, we move on.

And in other related (by the LJ crankiness only) news:

By the volume of apologies I've been seeing on my friends lists, you sure can tell the holiday freaky time is in full swing. De-friendings! Drama! Tearful reunions! Are we taking it out on virtual strangers rather than running over strangers at the mall or hitting mom with a drumstick? Or is this just an indication of how we're treating people in real life?
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