neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Makin' babies

Possibly the only upside to being infertile is that I have never had to worry about birth control. Never that is until I decided to try to make a baby. The fertility centre has me on birth control for the next 21 days, and that amuses me to no end. It actually makes sense, they want to override your system and hormones, so they pump you full of them.

Ask me on Day 21 if I still find it amusing *g*

So yep, after the false start in November, I'm actually in a schedule and ready to go! All the drugs have been ordered, I just have to figure out how to pay for them right after Christmas (heh - I should just stick them in my stocking - Merry Christmas to me!)

(And to those I talked to about what I should do, I appreciate all of your opinions, and I did call the centre and explained my concerns with this cycle. They felt that since my IVF cycle didn't acutally start until January, with a transfer in late Jan (fingers crossed) the holidays shouldn't throw me too out of whack.)
Tags: ivf
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