neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Well, the trip to Wal Mart was foiled. We picked up the gifts, then hubby started shopping, I explained as nicely as I could, that while I partially understood getting the gifts there, the other items could be purchased elsewhere. That lead to a heated discussion in the middle of Wal Mart, followed by the gifts being returned to the shelf, us leaving empty-handed, me much happier, and hubby grumpy that he'll now have to shop tomorrow. *g*

Christmas dinner shopping is complete as well, this is the smallest turkey I've ever purchased, at ~7kg (around 16lbs). There are only going to be 6 of us for dinner this year, and I like to send the in-laws home with left-overs, so it is still a bit bigger than needed to feed us, but I too need to have my cold turkey sandwiches next week.

Movie quote of the evening: 'Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?'
Tags: christmas

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