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And what exactly is insurance for?

Its official, there will be no riding of the bikes for hubby and I this summer. Seems after paying decent rates for four vehicles to our insurer for 15+ years, and after only 1 accident 13 or so years ago and no speeding or other tickets, hubby claimed 2 at-faults in just over a year - one cost our insurer nothing, because the other person didn't claim (don't ask me why hubby freaked out and decided to call our insurer) and the other was for around $500 - our insurer dropped us. Yes, both of us. Two accidents costing them $500 and see ya later.

So we managed to find a new insurer for our car and truck, but can't find anyone who will touch our bikes for less than 2k. As much as I love, love, love riding, I'm not prepared to pay $2k for half a year or so of riding.

But the 'great' news is that next season, one of the accidents will be off the record and the old company will take us back.
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