neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I found the cure!

Online retail therapy.

Chapters Boxing week sale. mmmm booooks! Lots and lots of loverly books. Original price ~350. I paid ~70. If I'd gone to Chapters, I would have spent almost that much in the Starbucks alone! And they'll be shipped to my door by next Friday. Did I mention free shipping?

Vernon God Little (random never heard of it selection)
The Border: Canada, The Us And Dispatches From The 49th Parallel (ya, I'm a history geek, so what?)
Naked In Death (My mother was a bit concerned when she checked out my wish list, and hit the Death series [JD Robb] - I have them all listed *g*)
Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: ...A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right(who could pass up on a title like that? *g*)
The Darwin Awards 3: Survival of the Fittest (no, I'm not aiming to get in these)
On The Shoulders Of Giants: The Great works of physics and astronomy ( have we not already established that I'm a geek?)
New Spring: The Novel (I know it's supposed to be crap, but I have to read it, Robert Jordan hasn't ticked me off enough yet to stop reading, and it was a good series)
Throwing the Perfect Shower: 18 Themed Wedding & Baby Celebrations ($2 who could pass it up?)
How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy: Solving Pregnancy's Most Common Problems Quickly and Effectively (ya, so a bit of cart before the horse)

9 down, 3945863562 to go *g*

Speaking of books, did I mention my mom managed to find the PostSecret book for me for Christmas? It was sold out just about everywhere, but she managed to snag one for me. Too cool.
Tags: books, shopping

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