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101 things

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

This is my plan for my 101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days. I stole this idea from spydielives.

Anyway, here are the things I intend to accomplish between Friday, January 13, 2006 and Saturday, October 11, 2008. Many of these things are items that I have been meaning to get to for the past several years. Here's to keeping me honest. As I complete the tasks I will update this list with links to articles that describe how the event happened.

1. Build a new desktop machine (includes recover data from old machines and dispose of graveyard machines)
graveyard machines are on their way out the door

2. Get my passport (S)

3. Take tennis lessons

4. Vacation in Mexico

5. Organize our photos, scan the negatives, get rid of the prints I don't want
all photos organized and some scrapbooks started

6. Get tickets to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

7. Finish 3 full-size quilts (not group projects)
Started Big Block flannel quilt

8. Use the treadmill, or run outside for at least 45min 2x/week

9. Bike to and from work.

10. Actually go to an artist's night at the National Art Gallery

11. See 50 10 new movies. In the theatre
1. X3
2. Pan's Labyrinth - February 16/07
3. Definitely Maybe
4. 27 Dresses
5. Juno
6. The Other Boleyn Girl
7. What Happens in Vegas
8. 88 minutes
9. You Don't Mess with the Zohan (unfortunately)
10. LoveGuru
11. Ironman

12. Take Spanish lessons

13. Find an organization to volunteer with and start

14. Find a doctor. Go.
have an OB/GYN...who referred me to a family doc!

15. Find a dentist. Go.
July 13 - 10:45am initial consult.
July 20 - fillings and cleaning.

16. Visit my grandfather more often

17. Lose 15 pounds, and keep them off (S)

18. Work in a soup kitchen

19. Sew up those 3 dress patterns that I *loved* when I bought, but never made
Funny thing - I don't fit in the patterns any more!

20. Finish 3 cross-stitch projects

21. Finish the exterior of the gas fireplace
Bill cut the tiles this spring, put them on the fireplace in July, just waiting for grout

22. Knit outfits for Guardian Angels

23. Go to 3 plays/musicals with Bill
1. Chicago, May 31, 06
2. Cats, October 26, 07

24. Finish landscaping side lot
new interlock path laid spring 08
new hosta bed planted spring 08

25. Have a green lawn

26. Actually give the gifts that I buy to my coworkers at Christmas

27. Paint the exterior of the house
Front door - June 24/25, 06
Hired contrators to do the rest - July'07 - DONE!

28. Have people over for dinner
1. ball team barbeque
2. fam for Nics bbq
3. fam for Mom T's bd
4. fam for mom's bd
5. redbus for scrapbooking and din
6. New Years with the T's
7. Shea and Patrice
8. Jeff and Nic

29. Paint the interior - All rooms
Living room - done
Hall - planned
Baby's room - done

30. Get better at reducing and reusing
Composting, freecycling, bookcrossing.

31. Read 150 books for pleasure

32. Go canoe camping

33. Come up with and create a Halloween costume earlier than the day of the halloween party

34. Be a tourist in Montreal

35. Use the outdoor fireplace hubby bought me
Used it once, spring 06

36. Make new seat cushions for my dining room chairs (S)

37. Sew kitchen curtains

38. Visit Roger and Pete in NC

39. Write down my grandfather's memories

40. Learn my grandmother's recipes

41. Visit my great aunts (both sides of the family)

42. 10% at the grocery store. Always

43. Finish the wall hanging my mom bought me
Have all the pieces cut

44. Paint my mom's house

45. Go one month without eating any fast food, restaurant food or grocery take-out (S)

46. Finish reading the Bible

47. Read the Qu'ran

48. Read Buddha's teachings

49. Put $1 a day into a jar - Every day (S)
Opened high interest savings 'jar' Feb 06

50. Complete 2 more credits at uni

51. 34 12 pedicures
One in March, one in April, one in August, one Feb/07, one June/07, Aug/07, June/08

52. Stop messing around, go for laser hair removal
July 4 - went for consult and first session. Owie!
had 2 more sessions then delayed for IVF

53. Haircut every 2 months, NOT every 6-8
haven't had a haircut since Feb'06! Then Nov 07! eek

54. Create scrapbooks for E & R
Done, they've had 2 sessions to work on summer '06 so far

55. Call my mother once a week
If not every day these days, but I think she just wants to hear about V *g*

56. Fix up the turtle tank

57. Spend more time with E & R

58. Get a proper marriage certificate
sent in application today - Jan 29/07 - Done!

59. Visit my father's grave

60. Work on photography
So much easier with my new camera!

61. Go to a tanning salon

62. Eat at the Amber Garden
Christmas dinner Dec 15 with dad's fam.

63. Eat at Hy's

64. Plant a vegetable garden

65. Start plants from seed

66. Go skiing at Tremblant
Not going to happen

67. Give blood

68. Disconnect from the computer for one week (S)
Best I made was from Sunday to Friday

69. Work on woodworking

70. Clean up my candlemaking shop
Became my craft room

71. Spend a week at the cottage each summer
06 - week cut short by storm/lack of power, 07 - made it 4 days with 2 dogs and cat, 08 - Sunday to Friday with baby, 2 dogs and cat

72. Start observing more often

73. Go to a Lynx game/month in season
may - rainout, June 8, June 20
team folded

74. Track down someone I haven't talked to in at least 5 years (S)
Found Preston on Facebook, Dave on Facebook, Brenda on MySpace, Kim on Facebook, Colleen on FB, Anita on FB

75. Do not eat meat for a month

76. Fast for 3 days
Not going to happen

77. Take a calligraphy class

78. Sell my candles at 3 craft shows

79. Teach someone to knit

80. Sit in on a parliamentary session

81. Take a tour of Ottawa

82. Go on an artists tour

83. Bike in the Gatineaus

84. Motorcycle day trip through the Ottawa Valley
Not going to happen

85. Plant a tree every year
'06 - done Christmas tree
'07 - done Christmas tree
'08 - crabapple from city

86. Get coloured contacts

87. Frame my needlework

88. Design and complete a needlework sampler

89. Buy a piece of original artwork
Mother's day gift '08

90. Chelsea steam train

91. Try Ethiopian food
Bill took me to Horn of Africa for my birthday - 07

92. Visit the cemetery where my mother's family is buried - Find the family history

93. Go on more dates with hubby
Dinner and movie - February 16/07

94. Use up all the gift certificates we have

95. Buy a bedroom set. It's been 16 years, time to get one!

96. Waterski

97. Do something that is important to hubby.

98. Go through the safety deposit box - oh and find the 2nd key
Found the 2nd key!

99. Top up our RRSP's
Done for 2007 - 2006 tax year - mine and spousal
done for 2007 tax year - transfer stocks

100. Get all my investment stuff under control - Stop ignoring it
meeting with advisor on Friday - done!

101. Start a new list of 101 Things on October 11, 2008 (S)

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