neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

IVF update

Today is my last day on the pill. I still have the daily injections, and I have bloodwork and and ultrasound on Friday. I *just* realized that my retrieval date is election day. I have to remember to vote in the advance polls. I really don't want to be marking that ballot when I'm all hopped up on pain meds. Next injections start Friday, they are the ones to stimulate my ovaries, these are the ones that I react too well too, and can be really scary. I'm feeling good, if slightly over-weight. I wish I could blame that on the IVF, but I think it really boils down to all the eating I've been doing for the past month, coupled with the non-exercise - who'da thunk it?

In related fertility news, friends, you really have to stop having twins! 4 pregnancies should not equal 7 babies! How fast do you think I can knit? I suppose I could make 1/2 size blankies, but that's just cheating *g* Ah, I'm kidding, it's really girls I'm looking for. What's with everyone having boys?

I have to bring the truck into the garage tomorrow for 8:30am. It smells like anti-freeze when you're driving and you can smell gas when it's parked. I don't relish seeing the bill for this one. Oh, and it needs new snow-tires and one of the breaks sticks when applied. Sigh. Good car news: our Camry passed the E-test, it's certified non-polluting for another year.

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