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Really want to know what happened to hubby - first it was pho a couple of nights ago, tonight Indian! He was installing some deadbolts for my sis at her work, and we decided to head back to her place, as she and hubby-to-be were doing takeout.

He enjoyed the beef vindaloo (spicy) and the pea paneer. The butter chicken had too much cilantro in it for his taste (he hates it - I love it). Second time he's had Indian, it was a bit spicier this time and I think he liked it.

Hubby-to-be was rather entertaining - he had laser surgery done on his eyes two days ago, and while 70% healed, he was still shuffling along with sunshades on.

I ate way too much and got to that dozy state on the super comfy leather couches after din. Can't fall asleep in bed, but put me in a room with other people talking around me, and I'm out like a light!

Much better way to spend the night than what I had planned, which was of course working. After the day I had, I needed the break.
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