neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Well, it hurts a bit, but I'm doing cartwheels! The clinic finally called me, and of the 11 eggs they retrieved yesterday, 8 were mature, and of those 7 fertilized *dances a little jig*

As of right now I have 7 little embryos growing! This means that I am a candidate for a Day-5 transfer rather than Day-3. As long as at least 5 embryos survive they will attempt a blastocyst transfer. If they aren't doing well in the dish, they will transfer on Saturday.

All afternoon I'd been having the worst feeling that none of the eggs were fertilized, what a huge relief! I haven't been that great at getting back to your comments, but I do want to let you all know that I really appreciate your support and good wishes.

I do have other stuff to update on, but I'm a bit of distracto girl at the moment *g*
Tags: ivf
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