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We had my transfer at 10:30 today. Before the procedure, the RE talked to us for a bit about the embroys and she really didn't do anything to comfort us or make us feel good going in. Of the 7 embryos we had on Friday, only 2 were still viable or rather one defined as viable and one as marginal. The other 5 did not survive. So we transfered a EB3- (early blastocyst) rated 3- out of 5, and an M2 (morula) rated 2 out of 5. So neither was a blastocyst, 5 of the 7 didn't survive, and they weren't highly rated embryos.

They did the transfer, I have the little copy of the ultrasound where you can see the marked eggs, and I'm now counting the 2 week wait so we'll see. It does freak me out a bit that this is the last time. If this doesn't work there are no more embryos to try. But I won't think about that for now.
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