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I've been quiet lately, as I've really only had two things on my mind, getting ready for the audit in Victoria at the end of the month and the IVF treatment. Not necessarily in that order. I'm now at the insanely-thinking-about-testing-all-the-time stage, but the good news is that I'm further along than I've been in all previous attempts. I'm now torn about whether to test now at home or just wait for the beta on Friday. I have potential symptoms, but that could just be the hormones I'm still on too.

In audit news, I'm so completely in project management mode that it's scary. We've finally gotten it sorted out that I'm the PM for the lab IT stuff in general, so I'm creating work breakdown structures like they're going out of style. I don't think I ever mentioned that I dropped my courses this term either. With the hours I've been pulling and the amount of time I'm going to be out of town, there is no way I could have met the course loads for either class. But the cranky people! The amount of miscommunication that has gone on is mind-boggling, I have my work cut out for me.

Recently I finished reading Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams, which is book 11 in the Wheel of Time series. It was better than book 10, which as far as I can remember only covered one freaking day in 700-odd pages! Stuff actually happened, and there were about a billion new characters introduced. They are >< that much closer to the big day, and I'm sure hoping it happens in the next book. I've also determined to go back and re-read the series, there are somethings that I just can't remember 15 years after reading the first book.

I also finished George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man. I chuckled and enjoyed the comedy as well as the methodical destruction of the characters' romantic ideals.

Next up: Noelle Howey's Dress Codes and one of the JD Robb In Death series.

Movies lately - Opera, Fantastic 4 and Chinatown. Chinatown blew me away. Not only did Jack rock, but the plot was pretty damn cool too. I'm surprised at how much I liked Opera too. Given my latest run on enjoying 'horror' movies, I think I have to re-evaluate what I don't like. I don't like slasher films. Horror/suspense, I'm all in for. And the Fantastic 4, well it didn't blow me away, and I didn't follow the comics, so nothing there to piss me off, just a general enjoyable film.

Next up: Aunti Mame, Psycho, Coach Carter and La Vita e bella.
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