neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Damn time changes

I woke up at 4 am PST, which is really 7am EST. This would be fine in general, except that I went to bed at midnight local time! I'm sure just before I'm supposed to head into the office I'll be ready to fall back asleep. I am only here until Friday, so I'd really like not to adjust to the west coast time, but I have to remember to go to bed earlier too and not stay up working on my damn knitting olympics entry!

It's coming along quite nicely, I am a bit behind due to the travel this week (while the plane ride was a great chance to catch up, working out here, and things like going for dinner and shopping have gotten in the way).

My partner in crime, Jenn, was a bit bummed to be out here over VDay, but her sweetie sent wine and chocolate dipped strawberries to her hotel room so she cheered up a bit. Unfortunately we then went out to dinner, where the couple next to us decided to get engaged at the dinner table. As well, her sister is getting married in two weeks, so it sounds like there will be no ring before then, but I'm thinking it better be soon after or she'll be pissed *g*

Hubby snuck a card into my suitcase (so much for those answers I gave at the airport!) which was pretty sweet and just about the right level of what I would have liked for Valentines. For some reason I just don't get into Feb. 14th (although I would never turn down a pretty blue box from Birks *g*). I'll celebrate things like anniversaries, but Valentines Day seems to be getting less and less important to me. Hubby is generally more sentimental than me, so although he claims we don't have to do anything to celebrate, I think he would have prefered I be home.

As predicted I'm getting tired again, so off to hit the hay for at least an hour.

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