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So much for the land of the free.

I am really surprised at a number of the comments that are being made in this entry. I understand that it may not be one's personal choice to have a child at 62, but who is anyone to criticize? I have no problems with the comments that it's not their choice, but some argue that she has less potential life left. Well then, I ask, why do they not feel as strongly about stopping someone who partakes of a dangerous activity? Should stuntpeople, racecar drivers, soldiers on active duty, extreme sports fanatics, smokers and others in high-risk/short life-span categories not be judged the same?

I saw the comment, 'well at least her husband is young and will be around'. He's 48. My father died when he was 49. My grandfather (his father) on the other hand is still alive at 95. One person commented about the fact that she has grown children that could look after the child if something happened to the parents. Is this a consideration to the 20 year-olds that have no family? What would happen to their orphan? Why is this case judged so much more harshly?

Someone commented on the risk of genetic abnormalities. Yes there is an increased risk with her age, and I'm sure as she went through IVF that she was well screened. Is this a concern to others at risk of genetic abnormalities? What about a mother that has the recessive gene for hemophaelia? Should she not be allowed to have children? What about dwarfism - some variants of which result in non-viable fetuses and children with extremely short life-spans. Surely no one is saying that although there may be a 50% chance of complications they should be barred from reproducing?

And finally, as I noted in my comment there - why is it only news that when the woman is in her 60's? There are plenty of geezers out there fathering kids
happily into their golden years.

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