neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Stop, hey what's that sound...

Oh wait, it's just me sobbing softly in the corner. My laptop is dead. I refuse to say my 'beloved' laptop, as our relationship is far more complicated than that. Sure hours upon hours it has warmed my lap, as I work into the late, late evening; but he has also allowed me many wasted hours of Sudoku, and many hours of babbling to you peeps. As payback for the work hours I have 'accidentally' dropped it once, and I give him a cracking good shock every time I walk into my office at work. It has made me feel like an exhibit at a science fair, with the helpdesk guys gathering around because they'd never seen that particular brand of funky chicken before.

And now, its harddrive is toast. I tried to copy my files to a backup machine, and mostly succeeded, however, many of the files were sitting on bad disk sectors and are lost forever. In a neat but interesting trick, trying to access these files makes my machine bluescreen, making the already stressful backup process that much more interesting.

Oh, did I mention it decided to die 1 minute in to the audit kickoff today? Ya that was special. Thanks for that one. Thankfully I didn't have to present, but I didn't listen to a word that was being said either, I was too busy trying to salvage my machine.

My boss claims I have a cloud of doom when it comes to computers, and sometimes I agree, but I can't possibly be the only one. How many harddrives have you gone through in various computers in your life? I've probably gone through about 5 harddrives and one motherboard over the course of my almost 17 years with this company.

At home the count probably stands at about 3 harddrives and one motherboard; I will not count the 3 monitors Ceebee fried by puking in them (yes, 3) because that was clearly not my fault.

Anyways, I'm currently on my hubby's laptop (our desktop is fried, and since we both had laptops there was no hurry to fix it) and he's pretty nervous given my history with these things *g*.

LJ activities severely curtailed.

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