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I just realized that I've been using LJ for over a year now! Well I posted a meme back in Feb'05, I guess I really started using it in early March.

We're off this weekend for a mini-skiing vacation. Well the guys ski and snowboard, the girls hang around the condo and go shopping in the village. I so can't wait for this, especially after this week. I have to do the closing call of the audit on the way to Tremblant. 5pm PST is 8pm here - they seem to forget this.

The only sad part about the whole thing is having to kennel Chet. He's always so excited to go for a drive, then gets so down when he remembers the kennel. To make it worse for the poor dude today, he needed to get some of his shots updated. And to make it even worse, he started out with a 10am appointment, but while there hubby got a call that our fire alarm was going off at home! Turned out the power was off in the neihborhood, firetrucks and everything showed up. I think Chet got tossed around a bit in the wild ride, but he finally got his shots at 10:50.

Now I just have to bring him off to puppy jail *sniff*.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Tags: chet, vacation
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