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My cursed laptop is dead again. This is a week and a half after getting the HD replaced the first time. I came this >< close to having a meltdown today, the thought of not being able to work at home completely freaked me out. (and I'm soooo behind on my flist reading!) Luckily the Helpdesk guys in our other building had a duplicate machine and were able to get a jiffy install done. I don't have most of my files, but I can at least access VPN, mail and most of my DBs. I'll set the rest up tomorrow.

As far as I'm concerned they can chuck that other POS out the window. Well okay, maybe that was my fantasy earlier today, but then I figured it would just bounce off the security film on the windows and I'd end up with a concussion. Really, what are the chances, after using a machine for 2 years, that you'll go through 2 hard drives in 1.5 weeks? My boss claims I've got my own little cloud of doom when it comes to computers. He thinks I should work in QA *g*. I've actually signed up for some early adopter programs lately, and the problems I'm finding are completely wacky!

Heh - puppy got totally spoiled with pets tonight. He was excited to go for a car ride after his walk, and I still had to pick up the laptop, so I brought him in to work. He knows a lot of the peeps there, and they haven't seen him for a while so he got lots of visiting time in. Unfortunately I forgot to leave hubby a note, so he thought puppy was on the way to the vet (he's kinda a glass half empty sort) and after phoning me 11 (!!) times, raced off to the vet. I had my hands full with Chet, so I'd left my purse and phone in the car. I managed to get in touch with him before he went crashing in to the docs office.... He did note afterwards that he could have just called, but he figured if I was racking up $1000's of vet bills, he'd have to be there to stop me *g*

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