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How do you describe a train wreck? How about Pamela Anderson hosting the Juno's? I usually watch them, but I think I'm going to take a pass this year.

Could Simon have been any more negative tonight? While Paula is a useless cheerleader, Simon doesn't have that much to add either when he's calling everyone juvenile or a karaoke singer. How about putting some actual thought into your judging.

Matt Brownlee just sickens me. This man killed 2 people while drunk driving, damaged his own brain, got out and drove drunk again, and now he might get off because if his self-inflicted injury. I guess he'll have to kill a few more people before anything is done about him. Wonder what Shania will have to say about that.

I think I'll actually be able to suspend disbelief and go see The Da Vinci Code. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it.

I really enjoyed watching L&O:SVU tonight. I totally bought the story line and the role Ludacris played. The bitterness and hatred were palpable, and the family tension were a great dimension to Tutuola's character.

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