neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

What is it in the water in Southern Ontario? Why would 4 women kill a man over $1000 bingo win? Even if they didn't mean to kill him, what would ever possess them to think it was acceptable to jump him in the parking lot because he came up with the right numbers?

How long can Harper drag this apology out for? He mentions in the Throne Speech that he will be apologizing for the Chinese Head Tax, then at a dinner last night, he tells the Chinese community that they will be consulted about the apology, what next? A commission on the formal apology? A cross-Canada tour? A plebiscite? How about just coming out with the apology? How about holding the consultation in private and when you have something to say then opening your mouth (and potentially my pocketbook) and saying it?

What sort of message is being sent here. This one actually seems really odd to me. Eight bodies stuffed into 4 cars, left on the side of a rural road? Can't wait to hear this news conference. The press is already calling it biker violence, but I haven't heard the words 'known associate' from a single police officer.

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