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Can I have some cheese with this whine?

Users Suck #1

I don't generally do helpdesk, but the guys were in a meeting so I decided to help out. I received a call within 5 minutes of sitting down. Not so bad in and of itself, but the first words out of the user's mouth were; 'My machine is doing it again.'

That's so helpful. Don't identify yourself, don't explain the problem, just tell me it's doing it again. After a very garbled story, it turned out it wasn't the 'same' problem after all, and with the problem she had on *Monday* she spoke to one of my male colleagues. WTF? Are we borg? Why would she think I had any idea what she was talking about?

I heard from a co-worker of hers that she sat in a meeting (yes she called in the middle of a meeting) bitching about the helpdesk, and yet, although I asked her to contact the admin who could fix the problem, she decided not to, even after she was out of the meeting. Thanks for the show during the meeting there, asshat.

Users Suck #2

I asked a user to verify the OS running on her machine. I gave her the machine name and asked her to verify the serial number as well. This is the reply I got:

Mac OS X.4.5.... I think... NOTE: I assume that my Mac is called "WSMAC" - but it doesn't have a sticker on it with its name. The serial number is XXXXXXX, but I don't see any serial number listed in this email. You may need to send someone to verify that machine XXXXXXX is the same as machine "WSMAC" (and they can bring a "WSMAC" name sticker with them ).

She is a software developer, but apparently doesn't know how to check the machine name and needs a sticker to verify. Gaa.

Being infertile sucks #1

Ran into friends of ours tonight. We haven't seen them since we went to Tremblant at the beginning of March. At the time Stella and I were speculating that they were pregnant. We found out tonight they are. *sigh* They are due October 20th, 5 days before our due date. I'm really happy for them, but it hurts.

Being infertile sucks #2

I don't think my miscarriage was complete. I have to make an appointment with my Dr's office tomorrow, and that really bites. I wanted to avoid the surgery, but not at the risk of infection.

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