neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Dubya the tumour

A really great guy on my friend's list got some horrible news earlier this year - he had a previously undetected brain tumour. He started getting dizzy mid to late February, and by the 27th they had found a 6cm growth. Several weeks ago (April 6th) he underwent surgery to remove 'dubya' (yes he named the tumour).

He is an elementary school teacher (the super cool awesome type whose class makes hand turkeys for Valentine's Day) and a children's author . He created a separate journal for friends, students and family to follow his progress - dubyathetumor. His insurance is only covering a small portion of all the costs of the diagnosis and surgery, so his wife, friends and family have organized a raffle to help raise money for the bills. The items that have been donated to this cause are pretty amazing, and they also have some pretty cool lots of supplies (hands off the handspun wool!)

Raffle tickets for each lot can be purchased through paypal, and I think you can contact them for cheque or money-order purchases. Please take a look at this site - but again, hands off that handspun *g* -

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