neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Apparently I don't work well...

unless I'm under stupid pressure. We are going to see the accountant tomorrow. I've had months to do my inventory tally. I've counted the items but haven't priced them yet. Did I mention the appointment is tomorrow? When I got home tonight I tried updating some drivers on my machine, and it started blue-screening, I nearly cried. Luckily, the 'last known good' option worked and with some tweaks to my video driver I appear to be back in business. That little setback at the start of the evening apparently set me off course badly. I'm sitting on the couch watching the Sens beat the pants off Tampa in Tampa. (dare I say woohoo?) While I'm watching and enjoying I could be updating my sales for last year, but I'm writing this instead.

Luckily the accountant appears to be a pretty laid back guy. We are going to finalize last year's taxes and get the paperwork in for this year (yes I *know* '05 taxes are due on April 30).

ETA: Okay, since I wrote that 'beating the pants off' comment, the score has gone from 7-2 to 7-4 for Ottawa, GRR!

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