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This guy is my new hero - Well, actually, my co-worker that set up our WSUS server, Nessus scanner and non-Windows patching system is my hero, but the first guy helped my hero figure out how to get around the problem of duplicate WU SIDs on cloned systems.

My boss is never really sure if I'm being sarcastic or serious, but I *love* having these patch management systems. It is making me feel a lot better about what the yahoos are doing with their servers. And since my boss and I have to take the kicks in the teeth for security on the network and servers we don't control, I want to make sure I know everything they're doing.

THEN, to make my life that much better, I discovered I was able to create agents in a database that has been the bane of my existence for the past three years! And the I just verified it worked. The possibilities are endless!

And yet, I can't keep a freaking laptop running. First my wireless profile became corrupt, so one of the HD guys tried a re-install, and that failed. So, I now have no wireless at home or work. My home 'wireless' is a 100' cable that I drag around the house *g*. Then my Microsoft networking failed. I can still connect to networks (obviously), but can't access any MS shares. My boss has started a pool to see how many rebuilds I will go through this year. I'm on 4 now, and need my 5th. I'm thinking 12 ain't that crazy.
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