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Wildflowers from the cottage.

This weekend I decided to give hubby a vacation from me and the dog so on Sunday we bundled ourselves into the car and headed to the cottage. While it wasn't the nicest weather (5C at night!) It was great to be up there enjoying the fresh air. I managed to do some gardening (read - weeding). Mom is really pleased with the number of perennials that survived the winter. It's always iffy - between the cold (the cottage is a zone north of Ottawa) and the animals who think it's a buffet. For someone that only planted annuals all her life, she's really come around to the perennial gardening.

One thing my parents always said about the cottage is that they loved the fact that you could find a different wildflower blooming every week. So I crawled around the property for a while and this is what I came up with:

Blue Violets mixed in with the wild strawberries.
I have no idea what these ones are. If anyone can help out I'd appreciate it, it would save me looking through the wildflower books *g*. The blanket the front of the cottage and flower ever couple of years.

- these guys are everywhere! They grow singly up here, whereas they grow in bunches at our house.
Lady's Slipper. One of the prettiest wildflowers IMHO

While I was up there I also started knitting my next shawl. It is the Box-Lace Shawl from Folk Shawls. I bought the wool, (Briggs and Little sport weight in Grey Heather) at Spring Tonic from Mabel Corlett, owner of The Wool Room, in Kingston. So far I have three repeats down, 23 to go.

Oh, and update on the machine saga, when I got home on Monday night my machine wouldn't come out of hibernation mode. Then it needed a disk consistency check. It is so going to die.
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