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Whew, I suck at updating this week! And it's been a damn good week. I've barely touched the 'puter when I come home from work, but *when* I'm home is the key. Monday night was girlie poker, and I won (yay). This means I get to host the next round, must find a calendar one of these days. Tuesday I was home, watching disk 1 and 2 of Season 1 of Veronica Mars *g* (all nine episodes in one night). Hubby arrived home and was rather upset that I was watching it instead of the hockey game. To add insult, I wasn't even recording the game *g*.

Wednesday night we had dinner at hubby's dad's for the FIL's birthday. SIL and her hubby were there, having just driven back from his home town where they attended his father's funeral. We then went to see Chicago at the NAC. It was pretty damn good. I really enjoyed the movie, loved the music, and liked how they presented the story on stage. Hubby was underwhelmed which was a little disappointing. He really enjoyed Cabaret so I thought he would like Chicago, but I was sadly mistaken. What made that even more disappointing was that I had bought these tickets last August as a Christmas gift for him. Ah well, I'm used to him being so freaking hard to buy for.

Thursday I played softball, and we freaking won! Finally. First time this season. To be fair, the first team we played was an A tier team that dropped down to B and the second was a A tier team. So this was a good game between two teams of the same calibre. Our team attendance has been pretty dismal this year, so much so that we've had to drop out of the tournament that is scheduled for next week. I've mentioned that to a couple of guys I work with and one has volunteered to sub when he can. That's pretty cool.

Tonight I went out for dinner with the 'wits, we were celebrating our friend Linda's retirement. She left her nursing job on the 24th of May. She and her mom are headed to Nova Scotia for a 2 week vacation (or wool buying expidition, I'm not really clear on that), they are then back for 2 weeks, then gone on a cruise to Norway. What a way to kick off your retirement.

This weekend is all up in the air. I'm not going to the cottage, had thought we might go out for a ride, but now I hear that it is supposed to rain all weekend, so I might just putter. The other option, that I haven't yet discussed with hubby, is Doors Open Ottawa. Over 100 buildings that you wouldn't normally go tromping through open their doors to the public this weekend. There are some pretty cool buildings that I'd love to check out.

Other plans for next week include hockey Monday night and Tuesday morning. This might be a little insane given that I haven't skated since December but we'll see. Tuesday night I'd like to go see The Omen with hubby. He's much more into this kind of film than I am, but I think it will be fun. As we are out of the tourney next week, there have been rumblings about a batting practice at the field near our house on Wednesday or Thursday. If that happens it will most likely result in a BBQ back here. Thursday Stella and I are going to a Lynx game.

No,I've sucked at LJ this week, I haven't read my friends page in over a week, but I'll catch up at some point!

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