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Jun. 4th, 2006 @ 07:47 pm Weekend update - picture post-y mood.

Well, rather than visiting some of Ottawa's man-made architecture this weekend, hubby started off a rainy Saturday by pressure-washing our cedar desk.

I'm rather pleased by the results. Now the rain just has to stop long enough for the deck to dry so we can seal it. We built it 9 years ago and have left is natural, but hubby isn't fond of the grey wood.

Anyways, while the pressure-washing and deck scrubbing was going on I was inside doing weekly cleaning type things. Through the cleaning fog I eventually realized the pressure-washer has been replaced with a chainsaw! Thinking it's not the best tool for deck cleaning, I decide to poke my head out the door. Hubby had turned his attention to nature's architecture. Our 30-odd year old birch tree had been damaged in the Ice Storm and it finally died this year. Next thing I knew I'm out in the rain, barefoot, holding the guide rope pulling the darn thing down.

After much cursing and swearing, several layers of bugspray and a chainsaw that wouldn't stay running we had this:

Last night we stayed in and watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. It actually got a couple of belly laughs out of me. I think they do themselves a disservice comparing this movie to Dude Where's My Car. I think Harold and Kumar go to Amsterdam would be a big mistake, but what do I know. I really enjoyed picking out all of the character cameos. I never would have guessed who Freakshow was!

This afternoon we rented a saw from Home Depot and ended up with this:

While I'd love to use it in our indoor fireplace and in our ourdoor fireplace (which was cleared off the deck for the cleaning)...

it's almost all rotten. You can see the dark spots in the stacked wood picture. So, instead I'll bundle it up in the truck and bring it to the cottage. It'll make a nice bonfire.

I got these stones from a neighbour down the street. He'd pulled up an old path and had them taking up room in his garage. I was happy to help him with his spring cleaning *g*:

Now I just have to wait for the patched grass to grow in. That landscaping is courtesy of Chet.

Here are some of the blooms. Bleeding hearts and irises:

Columbine and Irises:

Now I'm off to get a couple of rows done on my WIP shawl and hit the sack.
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Date:June 5th, 2006 05:01 am (UTC)
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That is a beautiful cedar deck! Looks great for it to be 9 years old. It's going to look beautiful sealed. Isn't it funny...I think all husbands do that, they start one project and by the time you know it...they are doing something else. You go out and he might be mowing the lawn, go back out & he's sealing the driveway-LoL! Oh how funny...you got roped into helping out. I can see you all sweaty and dirty out there pulling on that rope. Ah, you know you had to help, you weren't going to let that poor man do it all by himself. I always get suckered into helping my d/h too.

Love your landscaping. It is so beautiful. All those beautiful flowers and the stones in the garden look great there.You both have a good green thumb. Your garden at home and at the cabin are simply beautiful.

Good Lord, that's alot of wood you both cut up. Too bad I won't be able to see the bonfire. I love bonfires!

Well-I am glad you enjoyed your weekend. It was very constructive...too bad I can't say the same for mine-I just vegetated. heeHee.

*I loved the movie DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR*
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Date:June 5th, 2006 07:12 pm (UTC)
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Busy weekend and some great results to show for it.

We have a pile of logs atthe end of our plot that came from some trees we cut down when we moved in two years ago. At some point (famous last words) we're going to try to open up the fireplace in the living room which is currently boarded up, and have a real fire.

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