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And in other (not so much) news....

Other than the super surprise wedding celebration not much happened this weekend. I managed to buy my basket stuffers and a few more perennials for the garden, but I haven't had time to plant them yet. Did I mention the cold? I'm afraid of frost in June! It got down to 8C last night. At the very least it should have the decency to kill off the mosquitoes. I weeded the garden some more, and managed to get some of my lawn prepped for seeding. I think I'll need at least one more trip to the garden centre *g*. I could not find a basket of fuscias yesterday! What self-respecting garden centre does not sell fuscias?

Friday night we watched Lord of War. I'm always leery of Nicolas Cage movies, I used to say it was 50/50, but I think he's closer to one in three these days. While I found the subject matter interesting and many of the areas presented were well worth examining, the story itself didn't bear up. The voiceover was the most interesting part of this movie, it engaged me far more than the characters on the screen. Well, I guess I could have turned the volume down and drooled over Jared Leto...

Last night I *finally* got to watch Alien. I had never seen it before. What an enjoyable movie. Hubby and I were cracking up at them all puffing away on the ship, but the effects, the alien, the suspense were great. I think I'll have to watch it again and again. I started right off the bat watching the Director's Cut, and I didn't bother to tag the deleted scenes. I don't think I'll watch the theatrical release, I enjoyed the movie I viewed. I've already got Aliens on order. I hear that is where I should stop watching.

Funny thing, Ian Holm is in both.

Hubby went scuba diving for the first time this season. He was wearing his 7mil wetsuit over his 3 mil shortie and as still frozen. He was in a quarry, and the water temp at 60' was 42F! He is getting ready to work as a safety monitor for some freedivers next weekend and figured he should dive at least once before trying to help others. I'm not sure how the freedivers are going to do it. There's no way the water is going to warm up that much by next week, and they can't wear thick neoprene or they'll float, clearly demented people. This is yet another reason I'll only dive down south. Who they hell wants to be diving in 42F water? I don't want to be out in 42F air!
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