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Tonight after work I headed to Theo's Greek Taverna with the rest of the 'wits for our pre-Guild dinner. This place has to make the best Gyros in town, and to make it that much better they are actually only a lunch menu item, but they don't mind making them up for us when we come in. As has been my custom this year I skipped out on Guild itself. Just as I was getting ready to leave (I had to deliver work keys to hubby) it started to pour. The 'wits made a big fuss and tried to get me to wait until it passed, but I generally don't let weather deter me from driving. The waitress was really sweet and tried to talk me out of leaving, but the power was flickering in the restaurant, so I persuaded her to put my card through in a hurry.

I'm sure they had bets on how soaked I'd be getting to my car. I had an umbrella in my purse, but it got blown inside out almost as soon as I stepped outside and opened it. By the time I got in my car I was drenched, but that was thanks mostly to the struggle I had to get the 'brella in the back seat. The driving was bad, even with the wipers on full I could not see when I was negotiating the parking lot. There were a couple of times on the road when I hit puddles so deep they pulled the car to one side, and lightning was actually hitting all around me. I wasn't so worried about the driving, but was worried about handing the keys off to hubby. There was no way I wanted any part of my outside the car.

Hubby had lured me to the mall near his work with promises of some shopping. This morning was another in a long line of me not fitting into my clothing anymore and only have 2 pair of pants to chose from. So, while I didn't feel like shopping, he surprised me with 2 pairs of pedal pushers and a pair of shorts he'd picked up for me. He spoils me. The hand-off was pretty comical, we pulled up driver's side doors, and lobed the deliveries at each other then drove away. By the time I got home it had blown over and there were 2 gorgeous rainbows to the south. Chet was severly freaked out and didn't come off his bed for a good hour after the storm stopped. What a chicken dog, it really breaks my heart that he gets so upset.

Hubby and I finally caved yesterday and turned the air on. It's been 31 and stumid like heck. The cool basement and the fiasco of me trying to get dressed this morning prompted me to get back on the treadmill tonight. I ended up jogging for 25 minutes and doing almost 2 miles. Not blazing by any stretch of the imagination, but it will take a while before I'm back up to 5k. One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days was lose 15 lbs. In order to accomplish the initial target weight I now have to lose 30! I feel really great after the run though, and if I had gone to bed at a reasonable time, might have considered going to hockey tomorrow morning. *g*

Last night while waiting for hubby to prepare dinner I was sitting in front of the TV when a McDonald's commercial came on and our old roommate is in it! He was hubby's best bud for years, but we'd lost touch with him the past few. Kinda interesting to know he's still around.

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