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One can dream...


City firefighters are this hour battling a major blaze at a City of Ottawa works yard on Maple Grove Rd.

Few details are available at this hour, but Maple Grove Rd. is closed in the vicinity of the fire, which is at the former city of Kanata public works depot not far from Scotiabank Place. Reports from the scene indicate the main building at the yard is aflame and heavy smoke can be seen for miles in all directions. Although there is no damage estimate at this point, the fire has gutted the structure. There are no deaths or injuries reported at this time.

A large number of city fire vehicles and crews are on the scene.

It's also not know how the fire might have started. is what I am currently staring at out my window, too bad I don't have a camera, it was pretty impressive at one time. The fire in the yard was a good 15-20' over the roof of the warehouse at points.

And I do have to confess that when I saw the smoke from the highway, a teeny part of me hoped it was this building *g*

I am astounded that no one in this office has a camera phone. I guess they actually pay attention to the no cameras posting

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