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Hope everyone is having a good long weekend so far. I haven't been doing much of anything these days and it is kinda nice. I did some running around Friday night. Running around like a blind mouse. I made at least 5 wrong turns trying to do some errands. Luckily the final wrong turn brought me to Starbucks. The Starbucks located in the local Chapters store. *g* Between Friday night and Saturday night I managed to watch disc 5, season 1 of Veronica Mars. I know I'd already seen the episodes, but I honestly couldnt' remember them. Saturday we were supposed to go down to my sister's for her Canada BBQ and then to watch the fireworks. We headed down around 5 and were home by 7. I was so exhausted I was asleep by 9:30. And I woke up at 10am today!

The weeds are currently winning the war of my front lawn, but I've spent a great deal of time these past two days ripping through huge numbers of their ranks. I know I have a long way to go, and about 45% of me wants to just admit defeat and re-sod, but my stubborn streak keeps dragging my butt out to the lawn. It is nice to be working on the front lawn as I get to talk to all the neighbours. Our entrance doesn't leave much room for a porch, but I've been thinking about putting a couple of algonquin chairs out on the lawn.

I haven't done much knitting lately, I'm still working on the Box-Lace Shawl. I have been on a reading tear lately though. This week, I finished The World is Flat,

then read:
The Kite Runner, what a beautiful story. I wonder how much of this is autobiographical.

12 Sharp, I *know* I said I'd never read another Janet Evanovich, but a friend talked me into it. - It was much better than 11. I'm glad she finally decided to develop Ranger's character rather than having him just grunt all the time.
I finished An Acre of Time, a really interesting look at the usage of a specific acre of land in Ottawa over time.

and I'm now on In Praise of Slow.

My work gave us Monday and Tuesday off, unfortunately hubby's work only gave him Friday off...

Heh - in case you've never seen the proof that 25 / 5 = 14
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