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Jul. 4th, 2006 @ 02:30 pm Happy 4th of July!
Happy Independence Day to all my American friends, hope your day is filled with fun, friends and family (as you prefer *g*).

This has been a fun 2 days for me. I started off yesterday on a shopping mission and ended up saving a mother duck and her 6 chicks! They had a nest in the middle of a mall parking lot, on one of the busiest streets in Ottawa. I called the Wild Bird Centre, and they suggested I catch the mother with a towel (they *claimed* that would be easy) and the chicks would follow. I could then drive them down to the bird centre, and they would make sure they were okay and release them by the water. I was shocked. I expected to just report it and have someone else (like a professional) come out and deal with it.

So, acting on their advice, and with the help of a woman and her 8-9 year old daughter, we managed to wrangle the mother (she was a fiesty one!) into the car. The daughter picked up all 6 chicks and off we went to the centre. I was impressed that we managed to make it to the centre without an 'incident' in the car.

The chicks were absolutely adorable, and couldn't have been that old at all. You could hardly feel them in your hands. They looked like this guy - http://www.gamebird.com/ducksgeeseswans.html but about 1/2 the size. Their little cheeps were sooooo cute! It was also pretty darn cute that Alana (the daughter) named the most adventerous babies Marianne and James.

I called the bird centre today, and they checked them all over and released them at a quarry near the centre this morning. They have no idea what would have compelled this duck to nest at a bank in a mall, with no water or source of food.

Today I made an appointment with a dentist (its been far too long) for next week, I can sense this is going to be the first of many; I also called the hearing centre for an appointment but they charge $65 without a referral so I'm going to try and find a doctor next.
I finally went for my laser hair removal consult *and* the appointment after me cancelled so I had my first session. May I just say, 'owie!' I often joke that I want to start at my eyebrows and don't stop until you reach my toes, but we'll see how much of this I can put up with. They claim that it should get rid of 75% of the hair they treat, so that will be nice. I was really surprised that I had a histamine reaction, I usually get this when I wax or sugar or tweeze, but wasn't expecting that reaction from the laser. I now have to avoid the sun as much as possible and wear 45spf when ever I go out!

Hubby and I are going out to dinner with a friend of his friend, then I have to face the reality that I'm going back to work tomorrow. It has been really nice pretending these last couple of days. It was especially helped along by my machine crashing and me forgetting the power-on password *g*. I could call the on-call pager, but meh.
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independence day
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Date:July 4th, 2006 08:19 pm (UTC)
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I want to try laser hair removal SO BADLY!!! I'm getting chin hairs, which I think is because of being on the pill. But I don't have the $$$ for that right now, especially since I'm doing the weight loss B.S. right now.
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Date:July 6th, 2006 12:25 pm (UTC)
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Ya I've got those too. The chin was a really weird area to have it done. I'm just hoping that it works for me now, I have to wait at least 2 sessions to find out.

Are you doing the Herbal stuff again?
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