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Yesterday hubby decided to call into one of our local radio stations, and he ended up being the 'right number' caller. He won a $50 gift certificate to a local car audio/custom shop, $25 to Big Daddy's Crab Shack and two tickets to our local CASCAR track. I used to love going to the races - it's a 3/8ths mile track and they had 3 classes when I used to go, I know they've made some changes lately. (Actually I used to sell 50/50 tickets for the drivers fund *g*) It's been ages, I can't wait to go! He's already got plans for wind deflectors for the truck, his seal is gone on his window and the whistle drives him nuts! And, since he doesn't eat seafood guess who gets the $25 *yay*

I went to pick up some meds that I need to start taking tomorrow - I got there at noon, the pharmacist was away for lunch!?! I then called, they are open between 8am and 2pm. That's so handy.

I also went to my consult with the dentist today, and I think I shocked him. Considering I haven't been for at least 6 years but probably more, I've got very little wrong. I brush too hard, so I'm damaging my gums, and because I don't floss I've got a couple of areas that are red. But, he claims with as little as 2 weeks of flossing, my gums should be perky and pink so I guess I'll give it a whirl. I have some decay issues in my two back molars, deep crevasses get ya every time. So I have to go get two 'minor' fillings. Wouldn't you know it, I'm booked in next Thursday. That's right, my anniversary. Hopefully the freezing will wear off. I don't think hubby finds drooling to be that sexy.

My car got an oil change this aft, and we discovered that it wasn't leaking oil (I had thought they over filled it the last time), the power steering pump is going. They'll be getting me a quote on a new one of those. At the same time, they noticed that I had a nail in one of my rear tires (ya, I'll admit it, it was low and the 2nd time I used fix-a-flat), so they took it off the rim and patched it while the car was on the hoist.

And I finished the day with a pretty darn good day on the diamond. I was so wound up about work that I was having mini-panic attacks about going, but of course I get there and have a great time. I hit, fc'd got 2 rbi's...and scored 2x. All in all not bad.

OH! Stella and Willy just bought a new house! They had been looking for a while and with this one they didn't even visit it at the same time. Then when she was 'enjoying' weekend from hell, he put the offer in. My brother did the house inspection yesterday and they waived all conditions! Stella is still at the cottage and Willy has been dealing. The deal closed at 4 today. Buying a house can't get any sweeter than that!
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