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I wasn't working, but was I resting?

Last week certainly was something. I headed up to the cottage Sunday expecting to do nothing but craft, read and sleep until Wednesday. Unfortunately, the tiny tornado that visited me had a different idea. Sunday was great, I obsessively worked on a puzzle (no box picture of course) Sunday night/Monday morning. I then hit the deck for some serious reading. The temp was in the mid-30's (C)so the breeze off the lake was wonderful. After goofing off all aft, I picked some blueberries then headed in to craft. Around 7:30 or so a hella storm blew in from nowhere. One minute there were kids playing in the lake, the next minute they were screaming as the rain beat down and the winds went crazy. Of course being in the middle of nowhere we lost power immediately. It was an impressive one! One second the wind was coming from the mountain side of the cottage, and the next it was coming off the lake. I barely got the front door closed against the wind. The storm was over in about 45 min. and I could soon hear a chainsaw. My neighbour stopped by about 45 min later to say that there were trees and wires down all over the road. I headed to the neighbour a bit further down the line and let them know the news. They have a pirated phone (cable in the lake from the other side at her sisters) and they called to report the line down. Of course at this time we still didn't know the damage. A second storm rolled in around 10:30, and it was a fantastic light the joint up electric storm. I'm really glad I didn't bring the pup up, he would have been completely freaked out.

Tuesday morning I was up at 6:30 with the first chainsaws. It was pure guilt. I heard them and wanted to snuggle in, but this nagging voice in my head kept telling me how disappointed my father would have been! He was usually the first one out there repairing roads and stuff after storms. So off I went. The damage was fairly local to about 7 cottages away from us. There were at least 4 trees across the road and countless trees down in the drive. Huge trees completely uprooted. The road was cleared, but as there were hydro wires in the lane we decided to leave them for the trucks to clear. I was fairly popular that morning as our cottage still has a propane stove rather than electric, so I borrowed an old coffee perk and had the java flowing. I saved my neighbours from crushing beans with stones and stewed coffee in a saucepan.

Did I mention Tuesday was day 3 of no shower for me? No one was mistaking me for a rose by then. Apparently though the smell of the coffee was stronger than me. Tuesday afternoon we got word that it would be at least 6 days before power was restored. I was already fairly sick at the idea of all the food up there going to waste, so at 7pm I decided to pack all the food I could and head home. It took me 2 hours to empty the fridges and freezer, and get the rest of the cottage organized. I didn't want anything left in the fridges that would moulder for 6 days in that heat.

The astro geek in me should mention that the observing was *amazing*. They have fairly dark skies up there anyways, but with now power, unbelievable. Last time it was that good was during the August blackout in '03. It was too bad I had to head home with such clear, moonless skies.

There was a bunch of damage in the town near the cottage, and I had to take a different route home. Mom was up there on Saturday, and it turns out there were over 40 acres of trees uprooted and snapped. It took 4 days to clear the highway and the power only came back on Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday I finally got to shower, and relax in the sun as was intended. In the evening we had the family over for a hella-barbeque. They all got to take some leftovers home too!

Thursday was our 10th anniversary. I was pretty bummed as hubby had to work. And I had to get two teeth filled. So the minor decay turned out to be two pretty deep fissures. Much drilling and patching ensued and I was drooly. Hubby had a custom 5-stone anniversary band made to fit with my engagement ring. I'm still giddy about it. I got him an iPod *g* We spent some time with his fam, then headed out to dinner. Hubby came this >< close to a new TV, but it's a good thing I didn't, turns out he wants a projector rather than plasma. He's all about the big-ass TV.

I really can't remember Friday or Sat, but I'm assuming I was a slug. I do know that I rediscovered the joys of fluff reading. I've spent so much time reading The World is Flat, The Idiot etc... that I didn't realize I could mow through 5 Koontz, Baldacci, Kellerman, Atwoods. Oh and Sophie Kinsella. I am so not Chick Lit, but Can You Keep a Secret? made me giggle. Very Bridget Jones. Oh, I watched a couple of movies - Sin City (wicked cool) and Madagascar (loved the animation style and the supporting 'characters' were the best part).

Sunday hubby and I headed to the new farmer's market in town. We have The Market area downtown, and the Parkdale Market, but while the distributors there might be local (or from Montreal) their produce can be from anywhere. Hence we can buy bananas at them. I'm fairly sure it takes a really talented farmer to grow bananas in this part of Canada. Anyway, the new market is farmers within 100km and only local to their farm produce. There is really nothing like buying some veg that were picked 4 hours before you get them. One of the more interesting purchases I made was some African spinach. Unfortunately I didn't get the exact names of the two plants, the farmer was pretty busy with customers, so I'll have to go back to chat some other time. He mixed a more bitter leaf with the spinach and kale and I cooked with some butter and garlic was yummy.

Things learned -

Cross Stitch is impossible by coal-oil lamp
Baby birds that fall out of trees are one of the saddest things ever
One week is not enough vacation time
We store waay too much food at the cottage. Sure it's convenient, but we either need to cut back or get a generator.
I cannot go a week without using the computer. needs updates!
An electric chainsaw is no good when the tree you're cutting is on the hydro lines.
Old school is great in a power outage.
Oh, and one week is not enough vacation time

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