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I found out at 3:30 this afternoon that I'll be going to Montreal for the better part of the next two weeks. While short notice, this is actually pretty cool. Yes we have a TRA coming up, and I have to go play bad cop next week, but it will be nice to visit the site; I haven't been there since when I got my speeding ticket last February. I'm feeling pretty good about this audit, there are a couple of loose ends that need fixin' but I don't think there is too much craziness going on down there. Drag is that we have 3 softball games scheduled next week and at least one the week after. I'm a dedicated player and all (okay who am I kidding, I'm not at all dedicated) but a 1.5 hour commute is a bit of overkill.

Hubby isn't terribly impressed, but after being in the neighbourhood for 10 years, we've been invited to a social gathering with the neighbours. We wouldn't even really know these people, but our dogs play together, so we chat most days. I think it will be a fun time (I always do!) but I'm sure hubby won't want to go.

It is really sad that I'm not even back a week after vacation and I'm already completely zonked. Last night after softball (we won woo!)(not only did we win, but I was finally hitting well!) I got home and crashed on the couch by 10pm. Hubby drug me upstairs, and I was completely out of it until he left for work at 7 this morning. Even after I was up I was still tired, I actually caught myself doing that zone out while driving thing. That was kinda scary.

And, in my early crashing, it sounds like I missed a good Colbert Report (honestly though, when isn't it good?). Here's the bit that made it to YouTube:

Hubby and I watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose tonight. That is exactly the kind of movie I hate watching. I know its all cheap gimics, but the bizarre situations just freak me out. I had some issues with the extra plot lines involving the lawyer and demons, and I wonder if they were looking for drama, would it not have been better to tell the real story?


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