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Musings at slightly less than warp speed.

Last week I drove to and from Montreal at the speed limit. On a trip down here last year I received a speeding ticket, so I decided to take it easy. Doing exactly the speed limit for 420 kilometers, I did not pass a single car. At the construction zones the speed and lanes were reduced. I'm sure some drivers were pissed at me, but I don't feel like getting a double fine. It's hard enough to get insurance as it is.

This week I drove down here at about 5-8kms over the speed limit. I passed a grand total of 3 cars. Yep, 3 cars. Now, I'm not debating whether or not the speed limit should be raised, but am noting the fact it is a limit, make that an upper limit just so we're clear. In Quebec they are nice enough to give you a minimum and maximum range on the highways (60-100). It seems many people this weekend lost sight of the fact that the Ontario speed limit is 100 as police hand out 1300 tickets

Our wonderful local talk radio station decided to hold a poll on it, asking if it was an excessive cash grab. Now let's see, one police officer ticketed 100 people in the same spot, and he was only targetting people going over 130! He's giving them a 30 click cushion and he still nabbed 100 people. Who's being excessive? It slays me that one day the news reporters are screaming for more police and better law enforcement, and then when the police go out and do something that clearly is designed to save lives they are criticised for it.


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