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I survived my second week in Montreal, and more than that the TRA went very well! It was the best one I have been involved in so far, and there were absolutely no high findings - woohoo. People keep asking me what else I did while I was down there. I don'think they understand the amount of effort that goes into one of these things. Not to mention the emotional drain, and the fact that I was still trying to do my regular job in the evenings.

I did manage to get out to eat 2 nights - the first night I went to Gibbys, in Old Montreal. I started with the gazpacho, and it was wonderful! It tasted like summer, which in my opinion is exactly how it should taste. My main course was the petit filet (which funny enough is 10oz! I'm thinking 4-6 is petit, but what do I know). It was very good, slightly undercooked, I asked for medium well expecting to get medium (we were in Quebec) but I ended up with medium rare - rare. It's a good thing I like my steak like that. Sides were broccoli, which funny enough I didn't eat, and a Monte Carlo potato, which I polished off.

The final night there my boss and I went to the La Queue de Cheval. Slightly more pricey, slightly more casual. I found it too loud. As well, they do this schtick for first time dinners where they bring samples of their food to your table so you can see what a 20oz rib steak and a scallop the size of a baseball look like. Our server had 'radio-guy' (or since we were in Quebec 'stripper joint announcer') voice. I again had the petit filet, as it was the smallest steak on the menu. Unfortunately this meant I didn't get to try the aged 35-days beef, but it was still good, and it was cooked correctly this time. It was served with mushrooms and garlic mash, always a winner with me, but nothing inspired. We stayed for coffee, but didn't bother with dessert. Our server manged how one of their desserts is setting a record with over 4000 calories in a serving. That, in my opinion is sheer stupidity.

Both weeks I stayed at the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure. They sucked me in the first week with an executive room - cookies, chocolate, private lounge and cocktail hour and all. The second week they gave me the most masculine room I've ever been in. Dark wood, granite and chrome. Oh, and the intimacy kit.

Maybe I've led a sheltered life, but I don't think I've ever been in a hotel room that provided lube and condoms before.
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