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RE update

I haven't posted a lot about IVF since the miscarriage, but thought I should include an update here. Hubby and I are keeping this low key, so for now the posts will be friends locked. My sister knows about the baby-making, but that is it for our friends and family. I am currently in mid-cycle for egg retrieval, and have just gotten some super news about finances.

I had a followup bloodwork and ultrasound this morning at 9. It went much better than my last visit. My backup doc today was one I have seen on several occassions before. He was joking that I've been in there long enough to have met everyone *g*. He is a bit concerned about my E2 levels, so he wants to see me tomorrow for BW and US again. He says my ovaries scare him, as they are so damn productive. I still have +40 small on each side, and about 12 over 9mm and one over 1.2cm. He thinks I will trigger on Saturday!!!! (I was thinking Monday) so everything is up in the air, but some time before Wednesday I will have the retrieval (and then if they mature 3 to 5 days after that to transfer). I can't believe it is here already. I took a look at my chart with him, and I am actually currently tracking E2 levels with what happened the first time (OHSS) but at much lower doses of Puregon. What a weird body I have.

While I may have whined about the administration of the centre, I forgot to mention what wonderful staff they have. Both my US tech and plebotomists are extremely friendly. As well, they now have a pharmacy on site, specifically carrying all the drugs I need. So, for example, I know that I always use slightly more than one 600IU cartridge of puregon, so while I was there she went and got a nurse to change the script to a 900IU one, on the spot. As soon as I asked. The tech and I had a wonderful conversation about her line of work and her past miscarriages, and the clinic in general.

Oh - and the super news of the day, the billing department consulted with the other doctors, and they agree with my primary that this round should be covered by insurance so that's $5900 off the bill! WOOOOOOHOOOO.

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