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Cooking and random

I've been inspired lately to put some effort into our dinners. We were in a major funk as far as food prep, either eating out or doing something quick and pre-prepared. Yesterday I thought I would cook fish. I really didn't have anything more specific than that in mind. We ended up having a great beef stir-fry, with onions and red peppers, over egg noodles. The only spice I added was chinese 5 spice. Hubby isn't fond of hoisin sauce, so I had mine on the side. We started the meal with a yummy carrot and potato soup. This was packaged, but I realized how easy it would be to make myself, so I'll be sure to give that a whirl soon.

Tonight I was on a mission to have tacos. This is one of my comfort foods. Crispy shells, ground beef and then the cool toppings. Just before we started dinner I got a reminder that I had a softball game tonight, but i was determined to have the tacos, so acting against my better judgment I crammed 3 in. It was not so much fun playing with those puppies sitting in my belly! But still, I can't wait for leftovers tomorrow. I think I'll add the beef and shells to a salad for my lunch.

I plan on making a quiche tomorrow night, I just don't know what ingredients to add. I'm thinking broccoli or spinach, ham, onions, chives, red peppers and tomatoes. So of course it will end up completely different. It would be nice if hubby liked seafood, that could be very cool. Maybe I'll make individual quiches...

The game reminder also interrupted my plans to try out a new low-carb bread recipe. I'll have to throw that in the machine tomorrow. I would put it in tonight for fresh bread in the morning, but the recipe calls for cream, and I'm not that keen on leaving milk out overnight.

Oh, the game - we lost in a spectacular fashion. One teammate described the score as 'a lot to none' at one point. I was connecting pretty well, but my hits were caught. I did keep them hopping though, I tend to hit opposite field unless I really try, and they were leaving some pretty gaps in the outfield, damn them for their speedy running!

As for my bud with the mega babes, I'm trying to figure out what to get knitting. I'll need all the time I can get *g*.

I'm slightly annoyed with Yves Rocher. After seeing their ads for years, I finally decided to place an order and see if they were really as yummy as they looked. I signed up for some haircare products and body scrubs, and a bunch of samples to check out. I did this on their website, in english. I understand they are a french company operating in Quebec, but my order form was in english, as was my order confirmation. The catalog they sent me was french, as was all of the other correspondence. I can muddle through the french of the catalog, with the help of the website, and will probably ask them for an english copy, but it is still irritating. The products themselves seem great. I was surprised at the scents. I'm fairly picky about my perfumes, but they send a couple I will be sure to try.
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