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Aug. 24th, 2006 @ 11:42 pm bits of silliness
My boss is collecting the dumb user moments of the year, and we had one today. Our DHCP/DNS server went on the blink this morning. It wasn't serving up IPs and the name lookups wouldn't work (basically the network was down). While the IT team was in a meeting we got a call from a user asking if there were problems with the network. My teammate answered yes there was a problem and no, we didn't have an ETA.

Her next question was, 'is there somewhere online where you've posted the status and ETA?'

Um, and how would that help you if you couldn't get on the network? Should we have sent out an email about it too?

Oh, this caller wasn't some random yahoo, she is actually the head of one of the technical teams.

Our winner so far (there's still 4 months!) is the guy who, when notified that he had to upgrade his VPN client, went home and followed the instructions without reading them first.

Step 1 was 'uninstall your current client'

The instructions were clearly written for the 98% of our user population who use their laptops at home and the office, and not desktop users, but still it has provided us with hours of entertainment.
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Date:August 26th, 2006 11:32 pm (UTC)
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I remember when I worked at the 911 center we use to get some seriously funny stuff. We would record the funny ones and play them over and over when we needed a little lift. I remember the one where a man called saying he was having chest pains and shortness of breath. We sent him fire rescue, but he continued to call asking where the unit was, where was the unit...why was it taking so long. I swear he must have called every 60 seconds. Well-our unit gets there and they call us from the scene really pissed off. Here they are wondering why we sent them with lights and sirens. We tell them that the man called with chest pains and you can hear the dude saying that he never said that. Well, we replay the call to the guys on the phone and they hang up. We were all curious to what the deal was so after the unit transports the guy to the hospital, they come up to communications and tell us what the call was really about. Turns out that the guy was a bit horny last night and picked up a hooker. He took her to a hotel where I have no clue what happended, apparently-the guys didn't remember either because he had taken some pills and mixed them with drinks. He woke up & the hooker was gone. Then he felt a sharp pain which almost killed him (so he says). He doesn't know what is causing the pain, but he can't move. He can only reach the phone and can only think to call 911. At this point our guys are laughing their happy asses off and we are like....'Come on, tell us what happened." Turns out that he had a perfume bottle shoved way up his ass!!! HaHa~Guess the hooker got pissed off with him or something.

Come on. I know it made you laugh. = )
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