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Back from the REs

We had our transfer appointment at 9:30 this morning, with bloodwork an hour before. The nurse was really excited when she got my report back from the embryologist, I have 3 viable embryos (out of the 6 that fertilized). I felt so much better going in today than I did in January. We decided to transfer 2 - an EB5 (early blastocyst) and the other one was a CM4 (cavitating morula). The numbers are ratings out of 5, so they're looking pretty darn good. My embies looked something like the last two pictures.

(Image from

This new lab is pretty cool. Before the transfer we got to see the embryos in the dish on the monitor. I got in a bit of trouble during the procedure when I started laughing. Apparently they want no abdominal pressure after they have transferred the eggs and before they remove the catheter.

The 3rd embryo is CM2. We will find out tomorrow afternoon if it is suitable for freezing. I checked my post from the last transfer and these are much better embryos than I had in January. My bloodwork wasn't ready when we were done so we came home. The nurse called early this aft and my E2 levels are still 4483 and my progesterone is still good, so no estrace or intramuscular injections for me!

Now I'm resting for a couple of days, then it's the dreaded 2 week wait.

Oh - one other bit of news, apparently I have a dermoid cyst on my right ovary. That is just freaky. They first noticed it in 2003 and it hasn't changed size since then, so there is no reason for immediate treatment, but I need to get an ultrasound every year to monitor it (hasn't been a problem so far, but if I get pregnant this time I won't be getting so many U/S's.

ETA - there Stella I finally updated *g*
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