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Day 1 of the audit is over and I managed not to kill anyone. We got a few kinks worked out. Tomorrow is the first worrying set of interviews with business controls, we'll see how it goes, but I'm kinda at the point now where I know I've done everything I can and the chips are just going to fall.

I got a call on Sunday that the results of my pregnancy test were in. I headed in and of course they were closed. I made it in first thing this morning and the results were 23 (that was on the Friday - on the Monday they were 374ish). Even though the RE told me it was over, I had to do the other test to make sure. I just didn't think it would take over a week to get the results! My next appointment with the RE is October 10th. I'll make sure that we are doing plenty of testing before we start again, and I'll also ask about genetic testing on the embryo before transfer.

I've finally gotten my audiologist appointment too - for December 13th! So instead of 4 months of ringing ears, I'll have 6 months. *sigh*

Due to the audit, I didn't make it to the cottage for my mother's birthday. Stella, BIL and I headed out to dinner last night - one of her favorite Italian places. None of our gifts managed to make her cry this year, we obviously have to try harder *g*. She did ask me if I had read some news item, and I sadly had to admit that I haven't lately - I'm way to distracted and stressed to read anything in the news. I'm just not processing - it's like I'm in 'flight' mode, none of that information is relevant to me.

Hubby is proving once again that he is the sweetest guy I know. He figures that he's going to get over 10 hours a week with the college next term, and he's hoping to get full time with the school board too. And with that, he intends that if I want I can leave my job with no worries. He wants to give me the chance to go back to school to finish my degree full time. I will admit that as much as I complain about my job, I am addicted to that paycheque, so the thought of being a full time student scares me (even for 2.5 years)

We spent the first 7 or so years of our lives together working opposite shifts, I wonder how I'll adapt now.
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