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Test results - the 'other HSG'

The first test delivered absolutely no answers. Results yes, answers no. I didn't really have my hopes up, as the hysterosonogram was to verify that the previous pregnancies did not cause any problems such as polyps, adhesions or cysts. Once the doctor managed to navigate my tricky cervix he revealed a wonderfully normal uterine lining. Meaning And the procedure was not painful at all! I was so relieved, I remember the cramping I had during and after my HSG. It was nice to have some part of this journey not hurt.

The doctor had a medical student with him, so with my permission, he took the time to review my history with her. They called up several series of my ultrasounds, he also took the time to show her my 'wonderful poly-cystic ovaries' and as an aside, it appears I'm about to ovulate. I don't think I ever realized how many follicles I have each month even without the stims. The next stop in the guided tour was the adhesion on my left ovary that always looks like a HUGE follicle and last stop before the gift shop was the dermoid cyst on my right ovary.

I also had the opportunity to ask him about the genetic testing. It looks like it will be about $600 for both of us. Here's the kicker about going to an out of province lab rather than waiting for another miscarriage then going to the government lab. I'll book the appointment this week, hopefully be able to head down there next week and the clinic will then receive the results in 5-7 days. This means he should have all of the results back by our next meeting on the first of November. If I waited for the funded testing, the results would take 4-5 months! What the hell are they doing that it will take 4-5 months? Is there only one lab? What else are they testing at this lab? Cripes, I guess they just don't hear the clock ticking as loudly as I do.

In semi-related news, my knitting appears to be attracting more attention these days (I guess the cooler weather helps). This is related in that in the past 2 days I've had several orders/requests from the staff at the centre. A scarf, socks and a sweater so far. Lets see - scarf - sure, socks - maybe, sweater - forget about it!
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