neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Knitting and poker

Well, Monday started off badly, wasn't so hot in the middle, but ended on a high note...

After the debacle of my work day, followed by bloodwork at 1, I headed home to continue working. I find that once I get home I have a hard time heading out again, so things like groceries don't get done unless I pick them up on the way home. (I have not done this this week, so cooking can be dicey these days). I did haul my carcass out of the house to head over to vendor's night at knitting guild, and was I ever glad I did, Koiku followed me home! Not one or two, but 6 skeins of Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino!!!! They are yummy deliciousness, this picture does not do them justice:

I shouldn't have any problem knitting up the best socks in the world with these, even though they only contain 175yd each, I like a shorter sock. I also managed to pick up a copy of The Knit Stitch I need to make the Einstein Coat, and there are several other simple patterns I really like. It was a small knitwit turnout at guild, but Nat and Lulu managed to act up for the bunch of us and I got to sit with some of the ladies from the Thursday afternoon knitting group. Sometimes I think people are afraid to approach us when we are all together.

Wednesday night I finally hosted the long awaited game of girlie poker. I think our last game was in June (and believe me I heard about what a slacker I've been!) Turnout was awesome, we had a game of 8, and one of the three newbies was able to make it (I don't think we scared her too much, although she did say at one point she didn't mind - all her aunts were insane). I won ($140!!!) but this also means I am the host of the next game. Much groaning (some might call it bitching *g*) was heard about that. This must occur in November or I will never be invited back.

Now, the trick for me is to find a way to get my gambling to pay for my wool addiction....I just got an invite to the guy's game next Tuesday, momma needs a new Einstein Coat!
Tags: knitting, poker

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