neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

While I was listening to the radio on the drive home from work yesterday, a heard two on-air personalities discussing the 'fact' that OJ Simpson was writing a new book, tentatively titled 'If I Did It', apparently detailing his supposed crime in gory detail. This disturbed me enough that I decided to look into it when I got home. A quick Google search unearthed this MSNBC site which cites its source as The National Enquirer. The NE site has this article linked off the front page.

Not once during the 2 to 3 minutes that this was discussed on the radio was this publication cited as the reference. As soon as I saw the MSNBC article it invalidated the facts of the issue for me. I know this isn't a news station, but to me there is still an important difference between, 'OJ is writing a book' and 'the National Enquirer reports OJ is writing a book'! and it angred me that they hadn't made that distinction.

But why should it? Are the writers at The NE more or less likely to thoroughly check these types of stories before publishing them? Am I unjustly biased against this publication due to its associates such as the Weekly World News? Is it the tone of the article and the overall reporting that is a problem? Is it a lack of source identification?

How often are they wrong? How often have they been wrong about OJ? And finally, how disgusting is this book idea?

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