neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Good thing I don't make plans...

Holy smokes. I started this weekend thinking I would have a bunch of puttering around the house time, then a pedicure with Stella turned into breakfast, pedicure (she had gift certificates) and shopping. Then my brother called and offered his hockey tickets to hubby and me (and may I say WOOOHOOO it's about time guys! 8-1 is a great way to start winning at home). Gotta love a free pedicure followed by a free hockey game *g*.

Tomorrow morning it's breakfast with the 'wits, then working on Snorie's quilt some more. Not quite sure where I'm going to fit groceries, cleaning, work prep and Diablo. I mean, where is the time for Diablo in all this? Clearly I need to expand my weekends to 3 or 4 days because learning to say 'no' is out of the question.

The light burned out in the fridge today. I let hubby know that there's no way I wanted to sink more money into that old beast, we should shop for a new fridge *g*. It apparently was not that persuasive an arguement. Even after the kill-a-watt showed that it was using 160 KWH/mos (new ones use ~430/year)! I foresee an unfortunate accident in that fridge's near future.

Pressing question of the day: Criss Angel or David Blaine?

Tags: 'wits, sens

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