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Just count yourselves lucky I didn't 'grace' you with my presence yesterday. I was in a foul, no make that FOUL mood. I woke up so far on the wrong side of the bed I started bitching at the neighbours. Actually it was my poor hubby who bore the brunt of my wrath, and given the state I was in, I did not make it to breakfast with the 'wits. Instead I stormed off, dragging the pup around the block and returned home in just as bad a mood as I left in. Hubby eventually left (escaped, made a run for it, contemplated leaving me - read it as you will) and I worked around the house. Yes, throwing laundry around does count as changing from summer to winter wardrobe. I suppose I should take a more rational look at the charity bag to make sure I really did want to get rid of what I chucked in there. Several hours alone did not assist the ferment in my brain.

'wit Heho called around noon to find out what the hell was up with me. I explained that I was not fit for public consumption, but the crazies wanted to see me anyways. Hubby returned home with food, I ate lunch and I was off to Paddylou's for 1:30. While my mood didn't really lift, I don't think I was totally offensive.

Home again, had a much more pleasant walk with the dog (and hubby - I was surprised that he wanted to be in umbrella-sharing proximity to me), made 'dinner' - canned chili gets quotes when referred to as dinner, then spent the evening playing Diablo. Mindlessly hacking and slashing was the perfect end to the evening, even if the damn boss did get me in the end.

I haven't been in a mood like that for YEARS! As I'm not currently cranking in the hormones, the only thing I can think of is that I crashed hard after the 6 cups of coffee I had the day before. My caffeine intake isn't what it used to be and I think it did a number on me. That and we need a new bed. Neither of us has gotten a good sleep lately and that certainly wouldn't help.

Today is shaping up to be a happier day for me, I'm still tired, it is rainy and overcast, but at least it's not snowing and I'm not so full of rage. Just in case, I've backed off the coffee, and I've cancelled a couple of plans I had for this week. I think some down time is in order.
Tags: 'wits, mood

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