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Funnies and a trip down memory lane.

If only I were always this easy to amuse. Two sites my boss introduced me to ages ago.

I didn't find this one nearly as funny then as I did today -
I think White Rabbit is my fav of the moment...or maybe the Who Medley. Its not so much the singing as the creepy not-so-moving pic.

This one still makes me giggle, 'Napster Baaad' -

The best part of this one is I was at the concert where James blew himself up too! And it was followed by a riot after GnR pouted and left the stage.

This is the entry from Wikipedia and anyone that was there knows this is complete crap. But what a completely fucked up scene it was:

"...During a show in August 1992 at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, Metallica frontman James Hetfield suffered severe burns after stepping too close to a pyrotechnics blast. Metallica was forced to cancel the second hour of the show, but promised to return to the city for another show. After a long delay, during which the audience became increasingly restless, Guns N' Roses took the stage. However, the shortened time between sets did not allow for adequate tuning of stage monitors resulting in musicians not being able to hear themselves. Compounding the situation were Rose's claims that he had problems with his voice which caused the band to leave the stage early. The cancellation led to another riot by audience members, reminiscent of the rioting that had occurred in St. Louis one year earlier. Rioters overturned cars, smashed windows, looted local stores and set random fires. Local authorities were barely able to bring the mob under control."

From where I stood, Axl was so messed up he couldn't get the lyrics right. He screwed up the lyrics, kicked a prompter (yes, sadly he had to read his lyrics even back then), swore at the crowd and left. Hubby and I had BSPs so although we weren't backstage at the time, we could see them take off in their bathrobes and golf carts.

We knew going in there were going to be issues. I remember looking at the Expos store and a display car they had set up in the lobby and I knew they weren't going to make it through the night. There had also been a big deal made about a couple of other riots at GnR shows and I seem to remember some controversy about whether they were going to be allowed to play in Canada. Hubby amused himself before the concert started by yelling 'rip out the seats!'

Apparently someone heard him, because when the crowd lost it I remember them throwing picnic tables down the stairwells. One of my most vivid memories is of the fans ripping off their $25 concert tees and throwing them into a pile to burn. Ya, that really showed the band. Now go buy a replacement you dumbass. I always wondered why no one thought to grab the band's sound equipment, you know, something the fans didn't own?

Security was completely overwhelmed, they actually withdrew at one point, regrouped and made a more concerted effort to be organized.

The scene on the street was pretty unreal too, I remember overturned cop cars, and general vandalism. We were lucky, we had parked on the street, but I guess the mob headed off in a different direction.

Good times, good times.
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